Transfer Your Existing Burial or Funeral Plan

Many people who enter into a prepaid funeral contract do not fully understand what their transfer-ability rights are.  Plans can be transferred either before or after death occurs.  Most of the laws in Arkansas governing prepaid funeral contracts purchased through a funeral home are designed to protect you the consumer. Kirby & Family Funeral and Cremation Services accepts all pre-need transfers without additional cost to you, regardless of where they were written.

For your protection, any funds used to purchase your prepaid funeral were placed in the hands of a third party where they remain until you cancel the contract or the contract is fulfilled.  You control the funds up to the point where a licensed funeral home actually performs the contracted services.  And even then the funds can only be released to the funeral home that actually performed the funeral services.

A contract can be easily transferred before a death or even after a death occurs.   Kirby & Family Funeral and Cremation Services has over 40 years of experience and knowledge of the requirements needed for transferring your pre-arrangements from another funeral home to Kirby & Family. Perhaps you've relocated or plan to relocate, or perhaps the funeral home you've arranged with is no longer your choice to serve your needs. Whatever the reason for the transfer, take assurance in knowing that our qualified staff will gladly assist you -free of charge- with the necessary documentation. You don't even have to contact the other funeral home, we will take care of everything for you.  Call us or stop by for further assistance.